Brake servicing & Repair

We carry out brake servicing and maintenance for all makes & models of Cars & Vans. We can check your system to make sure that your braking system is working efficiently & effectively. We look at all aspects of the braking system starting with the pedals, Brake Servo, Master Cylinder, Brake lines & hoses, load balancing systems, handbrake cables, calipers, pads, discs & the brake fluid.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Keeping your brakes in proper working order is the cheapest and practical way to ensure the safety of you, your vehicle & other road user & pedestrians. If you are a heavy brake user it could cause them to wear out prematurely than they typically should. By having the brakes checked regularly, we will be able to determine the overall condition they are in. Remember to check your brakes often, and they will thank you by remaining reliable and glitch free. This can provide you with a safe and pleasant driving experience.

brake servicing   car brakes master cylinder
Brake Pads & Discs   Servo & Master Cylinder
Brake pads wear the most often and should be checked regularly that there is enough pad left and that it's not worn out or has been contimatinated. The discs also need to be checked that they have not got any grooves or that they have been warped due to excessive heat.
  Vehicles have been fitted with servo assisted brakes since the 1970's. It enhances the effort that is depressed from the foot pedal. The master cylinder distributes the brake fluid into the different brake lines so that when the pedal is pressed the brake caliper can action the brake pads. Failure is this system is deadly and should be checked for leaks as part of routine maintenance.



brake fluid check   brake line inspection
Brake Fluid   Brake Lines & Calipers
Brake fluid should be renewed regularly as per the vehicle manufacturers guidelines. Old brake fluid should not be used as it can contain water. If you are a heavy brake user you may have also "boiled" your brake fluid which will result in degradation of the fluid making it dangerous. Get it checked today!!
  Brake lines are generally made with copper pipe and the flexi hoses are made from rubber. As we know rubber can perish after time and copper pipes can become corroded. It is part of an MOT check to check for leaks. However, the should be checked in more regularly than every 12 months. The calipers should also be checked for any deterioration. Failure of these system may result in death.

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