We offer Car & Van servicing in Hinckley. We dont just change your oil & filter...   We follow the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines to make sure everything is changed when it is due. This may be oil & filter change, but we also check the whole car is within guidelines i.e brakes, suspension, engine. We have the specialist equipment for timing belt & chain renewals and we have the electronic diagnostic tools to reset service counters and check error codes.


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Oil Change Filter Change Suspension Check
We recommend that you change your engine oil & gearbox oil when specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Running degraded oil in engines can cause blockages and cause metal surfaces to bind against each other causing catastrophic engine failure that can cost £1000's. Oil, Air & Cabin filters should be changed regularly. Cabin filters ensure that the air quality inside the car is clean. Good air quality is good for our health. A dirty cabin filter can be harmful to our health. Air filters ensure that clean air is drawn into the engine, dirty air filters can cause a restriction to the engine which can cause the engine sensors to give inaccurate readings. This can cause an increase in fuel consumption. Your vehicle suspension goes through a lot of stress and strains. When you think how many potholes or speed bumps you go over. The rubber bushes can purish and split causing undesirable noises. If these bushes are not replaces, extra stress is put upon other components leading to premature failure



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Brake Inspection Diagnostics  Engine Inspection
Brakes keep you safe on the road. During our servicing inspection we check that the pads, calipers, discs & brake lines are in good working order and will advise if there is anything amiss. When you car develops a fault it will store error codes on the ECU and will often give a warning on the dashboard. We have the equipment to plug into your can and diagnose the fault and clear the code. We can read codes for all makes of car & van. We always check the engine for leaks and noises. We make sure that fluid levels are correct and that there is nothing out of the ordinary. If your timing belt or chain is up for renewal, we have all of the specialist equipment to make sure your vehicle is timed correctly.



Our head technician Matt has been involved in the motor trade since leaving school, working for several well-known garages and car dealerships before opening MJC Autos 7 years ago. There isn't a vehicle type that we haven't worked on before.

Fast Turnaround

We always aim to get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible so you are back up and running. We do also have courtesy cars (booking required) for major repairs that we require for a longer period

Quality / Parts

We are use high quality aftermarket & OEM parts sourced from our same-day suppliers meaning we can get your car back up and running quickly and with the assurance that the best quality parts are used.