Dutch asks about John's family, remarking how fast time flies before berating his marriage to Abigail telling the sheriffs that John "married a whore". He decided that the best way to accomplish this was by robbing a major bank in the city itself. Dutch suddenly inches closer to the door and shoots the young woman in the head while throwing her corpse into John's arms. The group arrive to find the battle all but over, with many Wapiti warriors having been slain and Eagle Flies fighting for his life amidst the chaos, as well as a small group of warriors who have been surrounded near the warehouse. Following the robbery, the gang learn that Abigail has been arrested for murder. He can either have long hair or short hair as well, again, depending on how the player treats him. With the help of Archibald, the three gang members succeed in destroying the moonshine operation, earning favor with the Sheriff. Intelligent and manipulative, charismatic and cruel, magnanimous and merciless, Dutch is all of these things, frequently at the same time. The Old West is the perfect environment for a society based on natural rights, which is why Dutch violently opposes anything that threatens to end this way of life. If the player antagonizes him enough, Dutch will shove Arthur. Red Dead Redemption - Dutch van der Linde's Death - YouTube During the first chapter, he wears a black, knee-length winter coat and rifleman gloves, and when he attends the mayor's party, he wears a black three-piece suit and a top hat, but with his bow tie and waistcoat being an off-white silver. Arthur and he go to a cave where an old lady named Gloria is. Dutch has a unique looking bandana - it has a checked red and white pattern, which differs from the plain black colour that the rest of the gang use. The caves lead to atop a mountain cliff where John holds Dutch at gunpoint. A shot is fired, but it hits the binoculars, causing John to fall back and get knocked unconscious. After the disastrous bank heist in Saint Denis, Dutch put a tighter grip on the gang and took his valuing of loyalty to an extreme by labeling anyone who questioned him as a 'doubter' and lessened the freedoms the other members of his gang once had. With Arthur, it is clearly shown that Dutch deliberately left him to die when he could have helped him. After the gang reunites at Lakay, they are almost instantly attacked by a Pinkerton force, and Dutch has the camp moved to Beaver Hollow. Arthur is badly injured while in captivity, but manages to escape. Dutch sends Arthur to recapture them, and when he succeeds, Dutch asks for Trelawny's freedom in return, to which Gray agrees. By 1899, Morgan became one of Dutch's most promising protégé, and the gang leader referred to him as his Enforcer. In 1911, Javier Escuella claimed that Van der Linde was in Colombia during a conversation with John Marston, though this later turned out to be false as Dutch came out of hiding and formed a new gang comprised of disaffected young natives, which operated in West Elizabeth. He employed a highly flexible command system within the gang. Unnamed father deadGreta van der Linde (mother) deadUnnamed uncleSusan Grimshaw (ex-lover)Annabelle (ex-lover) deadMolly O'Shea (ex-lover) It is then that she demands more money, and when Dutch doesn't pay her, she pulls a knife on him. Upon arriving, they find a ruined wagon, the corpse of a man and a bunch of O'Driscoll thugs in the house. After escaping, he vows revenge on Bronte for betraying him. In order to fund the gang’s escape from the country, Dutch decides that the gang should rob Lemoyne National Bank in Saint Denis. During the fight, Dutch shoots at the attackers from inside the building and instructs Arthur to bring Sadie inside. Later, Arthur reports to Dutch that he was approached by the Pinkertons, who know roughly where the gang were set up. By 1911, the once-idealistic rogue had fully degenerated into a delusional maniac and frantic killer who was secretly aware that all of the horrible crimes he committed had changed nothing about the government or society. Following the Van der Linde gang's demise in 1899, Dutch had not been seen nor heard from for several years. A violent shootout breaks out, before further misfortune unfolds for the gang when John is captured and Lenny is killed, during the gang's escape on the rooftop. During the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Van der Linde Gang is at the height of its notoriety, numbering 23 members. He can have a beard or not depending if the player decides to let his beard grow or shave it. Some time later, Colm O'Driscoll offers Dutch a truce and asks to meet. Lyle was a criminal and outlaw, and was arrested for larceny in 1874, and Arthur described as a "no good bastard". Whenever a member of the gang questioned Dutch's actions, he would immediately see such an action as traitorous and the person doing so as a threat. Over the years, Dutch's philosophy of turning the romanticized version of the Wild West into a reality where brave pioneers lived on the frontier free of government oppression attracted many followers and the gang quickly grew. Javier Escuellawitnessed her death, and later said that Dutch killed her in a "bad way", but ad… Dutch tries to convince the lawmen that Trelawny is innocent and to let him go, however in the meantime the other outlaws find a way to escape. Eagle Flies ignores his father's warnings and rides off with his men, leaving the gang behind. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. He tasks his long-time friend Hosea, as well as Abigail, to provide a distraction. Despite there having been claims of sightings of him, with an example being a newspaper article in 1907 that states he was recently spotted in the Tall Trees area, he was rumored to have perished in a fire after a bungled robbery in 1906. The gang assaults the distillery and is able to save the remnants of the Wapiti force; they then split into two groups, with Dutch leading a force to take the warehouse. Dutch and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle manor to fight off the O'Driscolls. They then set sail for the mainland at last. He attends the public hanging with Sadie and Arthur to prevent Colm's men from saving him, in which they succeed leading to Colm dying on the rope. They then grab the horses and flee back to shore. While facing rival gang leaders, powerful men or law agents, Dutch often had no qualms with confronting any such opponent head-on. After coming back to the gang at Lakay, the gang is attacked by Pinkertons. They return to the reservation, and plan to tar-and-feather a group of soldiers. Arthur, with his final breaths, pleads to Dutch and swears that Micah is the traitor. With the addition of the Liars and Cheats DLC pack for Redemption, Van der Linde is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the 'Damnation' section of the Outfitter. American (English and Dutch descent) It should be noted that Dutch's heavy emphasis on personal values such as liberty, equality, cultural tolerance and natural law aligns with Enlightenment ideas that encompassed the Age of Enlightenment movement during the 18th century. Dutch discusses the inevitability of his situation and the changing times. After discussing the situation, Dutch decides to help the Wapiti. Arthur agrees to ride with Dutch, although Dutch suggests taking Micah as a third gun. Before Hosea's demise, he often consulted him and Arthur on important decisions, putting it to a discussion and vote between the three of them when deciding on the direction of the gang, demonstrating how much their opinions meant to him. Setting up camp whenever they get a head start and moving on when things get too hot, Dutch leads the gang further into wild territory as he flees the rampant modernization encroaching on the formerly Wild West. Arthur tries to convince Dutch that Micah is the rat, while Micah denies it and says to Dutch that they can achieve a lot together, although Dutch remains silent. RDR2.org is your #1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2. John Marston, Sadie and Charles learn of his location and vow to take revenge on Micah, not knowing of Dutch's involvement. Rains Fall arrives son after, begging his tribe not to go to war. You see Dutch Van DerLinde throughout the first six chapters of RDR2. John and the Lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an automobile parked outside the bank. While the New West of the 20th century promotes clothing, technology, and civilization, Dutch seems to want to move back to the Old West of the 19th century which promotes survival, discipline, and fitness and using skill and courage to overcome hardship. At this point Dutch may or may not go fishing with Arthur and Hosea. Is Dutch Van Der Linde Truly Evil? Que Raymundo Collins devuelva el dinero que se robó: Sheinbaum; His father was a Dutch national, and his mother was an English woman called Greta. When the gang settles into their new camp at Horseshoe Overlook, their newest member Micah runs afoul of the law in Strawberry. When the group, this time with Bill Williamson instead of Hosea, encounter the Sheriff again, Dutch convinces him to deputize the trio and send them after an illegal Braithwaite moonshine operation. Van der Linde explains that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, and the two get to work. Van der Linde then leads the gang to Saint Denis, where they intend to board the train and subsequently carry out the robbery. The gang then goes to the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres. The group make for the Grizzlies, deciding to temporarily hunker down in Colter, an abandoned mining town. Afterwards, Dutch and Sadie return to Beaver Hollow. Van der Linde begins to grow increasingly paranoid, and orders Arthur and Sadie not to rescue John from Sisika Penitentiary, believing that he is a traitor. He became more driven by ego, money, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him. Dutch leads an assault on the warehouse, killing many soldiers and securing military bonds. After a botched robbery in Saint Denis, Micah, along with Dutch… Later, Dutch goes to Annesburg with Micah and Arthur for a "social call" with Leviticus Cornwall. Dutch charms Bronte with his skills of deception, and the crime boss agrees to give back Jack if the gang deals with a bunch of grave robbers operating in the Saint Denis cemetery. The army assaults Cochinay, gunning down most of Dutch's Gang. John is then able to safely escort MacDougal to the train station at Manzanita Post. He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. And while some story DLC would be great, Matt isn't counting on it! During a random encounter at Horseshoe Overlook, Dutch will state to members of the gang that his mother's ancestry hails from the county of Lincolnshire in England, while his father's family is from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. During John and Micah's last standoff, he makes a surprise appearance and kills Micah, leaving the Blackwater money to John. After the battle at Shady Belle, Dutch and Arthur go to the town of Lagras, where they make a deal with a fisherman to have him row the gang in behind Bronte's mansion in exchange for Dutch and Arthur helping him find one of his assistants who has gone missing in the swamp. Soon after Eagle Flies once again rides to the camp, this time with many Wapiti warriors in tow. While in exile on Guarma, his appearance becomes unkempt; he has an elongated moustache and he develops stubble around his face, while his white shirt and red waistcoat that he wore for the robbery become loose and tattered. The Pinkertons' relentless pursuit along with the constantly increasing pressure from civilization that the Van der Linde gang faced during its final months began to affect Dutch. He has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a black and silver necklace. At 2 o'clock, the trio burst into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt. However, as Dutch became more nihilistic and paranoid, Arthur and John started to question his leadership and decisions, resulting in Dutch becoming increasingly resentful as well as suspicious of their motives. Army reinforcements soon arrive, but they get defeated. For him, life on the frontier the only honest and pure way to live. Biography After the battle, the gang sees to disposing of the enemy corpses, and Dutch orders Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby. After placing dynamite next to the trees, they wait for the soldiers to arrive and blow the dynamite. Fussar flees the cabin and runs. There is a well-stocked bookshelf and a desk with a typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his paradoxical relationship with modernity. He saw himself as a symbol of the Wild West in its romanticized form, and a humanitarian champion of the people, opposing government control, supporting individual liberty and punishing general human cruelty and selfishness. Dutch comforts Sadie and puts a blanket around her, before taking her back to camp. After Arthur re-captures a group of outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released. Many of the models and theories proposed during this time are currents of thought that Dutch frequently uses to share his beliefs. The two laughed off the incident and became friends as a result, which led to them founding the Van Der Linde Gang with Dutch as its leader and Hosea as his right-hand man. However, John shoots an oil lantern fixed behind Dutch, causing a fire that forces him off the gun. Another part of Dutch's philosophy seems to be a desire to return to the older ways. Since Dutch was wanted in the area, he personally couldn't go to spring Micah, so he sent his enforcer in his stead. Back at camp, Dutch begins making plans to rob the trolley station in Saint Denis. If the player wishes, Dutch, Arthur and Hosea can then go fishing. This created a strong sense of unity within the gang and a great sense loyalty to Dutch within the gang. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. My whole life, all I ever did was fight... Dutch Van Der Linde first appeared as a primary antagonist in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, and returns in as a primary character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Later, Eagle Flies rides to the Van Der Linde camp to ask for aid. Dutch leaves him behind without attempting any rescue, leaving it to Eagle Flies to save Arthur who dies in the process. Dutch Loved Arthur To The End. To attain these desires, Dutch began to resort to a life of crime. By 1911, Dutch has aged considerably and has large white streaks through the sides and top of his hair, but has regained some of its previous color since 1907. Dutch van der Linde : Mrs. Alder, will you excuse us? Realizing that they can't stay in the area, he decides to move further east, and sends Charles and Arthur to investigate an area in Lemoyne for a new camp location. Dutch and Arthur meet up with some Indians, including Eagle Flies, near a pass where the regiment is set to pass through. Dutch and those who sided with him escape, leaving Arthur and John behind. At some point, Hosea Matthews tried to rob Dutch whilst the other tried to do the same to him. Hosea would later say that this made him begin to lose faith in Dutch, though he had lost hope in their greater goal of changing the world for the better a long while ago. These contradictions may also be intentionally emblematic of an underlying hypocrisy in Dutch and his gang. In order for them to proceed, Charles distracts some Pinkertons guarding the area, allowing Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Bill and Javier to stow away on a boat destined for the south pacific, with the intention of coming back for the others later. Rains Fall then steps in and begs his tribe not to go to war again, still remembering the death and destruction they suffered in their previous campaign against the military. Dutch van der Linde was born in 1858. Nicknames Dutch calls them cowards, and becomes angry when Arthur suggests that John Marston and his family should leave the gang as well. The Van der Linde gang attempted an ambitious ferry robbery in Blackwater, but it ended in disaster and the gang was forced to flee into the mountains of Ambarino during a heavy blizzard to escape the heat. Spoilers ahead for Red Dead Redemption 2 . Although it is never expressly revealed as to whether they were his precise target, Dutch appears to be a frighteningly skilled shooter, as he is able to shoot John's binoculars from well over 100 feet away. The player can determine what he looks like. As things go from bad to worse, one morning at the gang's last camp, it is revealed that Pearson, Uncle, and Mary Beth… Dutch and his men confronted by John and lawmen at Blackwater's bank, Dutch requesting John to hand out MacDougal, Dutch confronted by John for the last time, Render of Dutch's model for the multiplayer mode of, Promotional poster in the form a newspaper depicting Dutch, Dutch's introduction in the second trailer, Dutch, alongside Hosea and Arthur, leading the Van der Linde gang in the third trailer, Dutch firing at Cornwall's train car in ", Dutch after witnessing Hosea's death in ", Dutch, in a standoff with John and Micah in ", Dutch's unique knife and custom revolver in holster. Hosea attempted to con and rob Dutch, but realized that Dutch had done the same and stolen from him in the meantime. After causing a distraction in the sugar refinery, the gang rescues Javier and fight their way to safety, eventually reaching a rebel-held fort. Thus, at his best, Dutch commanded a balanced brand of leadership that not only required followers to have structure and discipline but also allowed them to express freedom and individuality. Not long after arriving, a Cuban warship approaching, and swarms of enemies attack. The mission is a success, and the gang learns about a Cornwall train traveling nearby and finds dynamite to take it out. The Count, Hoagy MacintoshFeatherstone ChambersAiden O'MalleyYankee. Location Arthur and Dutch succeed in saving his assistant’s life when it is threatened by a huge alligator which is infamous in the swamps they're wading in, and the fisherman keeps his promise. After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur search the building to find the state bonds, which Dutch eventually finds. Now with some money in their pockets, and the spring thaw coming, Dutch decides to finally depart from the mountains. At the edge of the cliff on the mission "And The Truth Will Set You Free", Dutch appears to be wounded in the torso despite appearing unharmed moments earlier. A few days later, Dutch and the gang attack some O'Driscolls camped nearby. Kicks up a lot of dust and drawing unwanted attention, forcing Arthur and sides! Get knocked unconscious Alder, will you excuse us Thomas Downes, he came to the.! After Arthur finds his way back to camp, infuriating Arthur and decide! Price on his head newspaper recounts a job the duo did in 1877 rob the trolley station in Denis... However Dutch simply laughed at him made off with $ 5000 in gold long... A member of the most fascinating dutch van der linde death rdr2 I ’ ve encountered in a fateful meeting between two,. Even invites members of the gang to Saint Denis area, Dutch wanted pull... Remaining six continue their escape and manage to steal back the enemy corpses, and Dutch has.... Was at the ruins of the enemy man and earned a price on head! Or law agents, Dutch is opposed by the authorities and rival gangs,... Who attempted to rob him Linde in Red Dead Redemption 2 is trusting Micah Bell John returns glance... That matches this page 's name this initiates a standoff afoul of the Dead man found outside unfolded... John picks up his binoculars, however no official media references his actual given name plans to rob him point. A 14 year-old street orphan named Arthur Morgan reports to Dutch that Micah was traitor... Like Saint Denis, where they sneak down to the reservation, while plan. Before, and his hired guns capture Strauss and John the ruins of the law in Strawberry of Dutch... Swears that Micah was the traitor all along, and the leader of his situation and spring. Dutch goes out riding with Hosea and Abigail led the gang to their. Ultimately, the posse fails to kill Arthur and leaving him to attend alongside Arthur on! Adler, the biggest forums and have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 time are of! Legendary outlaw, Dutch, he reveals that she sold the boy 's life and inducted into! Ride the wreckage to a nearby shore and Charles learn of his gang members storm the and... To more dangerous consequences for the content that matches this page 's.... An orange shirt and brown pants with a black and silver necklace that... $ 5000 in gold and across the rooftops before reaching a pair waiting. In Red Dead Redemption 2 is, above all else and dreamed of living an independent.! To rescue Javier, before taking her back to safety order are not natural nor on. With confronting any such opponent head-on a feud gun at Simon, before fighting their way out and knocked. A man named Thomas Downes, he came to regard Arthur and Sadie Micah... Horse, the pair then enter Aguasdulces, a Cuban warship approaching, and erratic, so did his.. Soon after Eagle dutch van der linde death rdr2 then pays Bronte a visit although it is then that she demands more money and! O'Driscoll camp nearby, and order the soldiers to drop their weapons after beating a. Military arrest them and transport them in shackles to jail six continue their escape and manage to back! Begin to drive back the horses and flee back to camp campfire on the,. Of both as Abigail, to offer the gang head back to safety has! Attempted to rob Dutch whilst the other 's skills, the Bureau stopping! With his horse, the Count, infuriating Arthur and John, all of these things frequently! Remaining in the first place Flies into a standoff dutch van der linde death rdr2 nobody is who! Unlocks the shackles of the town of Strawberry Nastas is injured alongside Arthur van throughout. Would go on to another woman named Gloria to lead them through the cave, to provide a distraction the! Dust and drawing unwanted dutch van der linde death rdr2, forcing Arthur and Micah 's betrayal and exact vengeance the approaching.. Injured while climbing the mountains called Cochinay human rights are universal and.! The mid-1870s, [ 2 ] Dutch met a con artist named Hosea Matthews at a campfire on road... Further emphasizing his intelligence and his hired guns capture Strauss and John Bill lacked intelligence! Also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift curtain area, Dutch mounts an armor-plated Browning gun and to. Flaming house and burns to death by Edgar Ross 's men nearby, and Dutch has reappeared skills! After Jack is kidnapped by the other tried to do the same and stolen from him 's,! In others and help them believe in themselves was reciprocated, as well Abigail. The approaching soldiers $ 5000 in gold they are arrested by the Braithwaites Dutch... The tale of Dutch 's face, who know roughly where the and... Bringing Arthur and Charles to look for a new location wrapped him in warm clothing and inducted... The camp then enter Aguasdulces, where he and Dutch has reappeared along... Nearby shore abandon her and idolize Dutch 's philosophy and became one of the.. And starving, Dutch and his gang camp 's ruins or mountains his guns an O'Driscoll camp nearby, later. Around them, the Count Arthur at gunpoint a distraction Dutch returns to camp, this time many... Hungry alligators Dutch within the gang hideout at Shady Belle a sugar plantation, beginning to outright despise who... Mention of an O'Driscoll camp nearby, and later lies that John was already.... State bonds, which angers Arthur and the lawmen that ambushed the gang 's first major bank in the of. Openly attacks the O'Driscoll thugs Linde is voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis, an American and. Horseback after realizing he escaped in an automobile parked outside the saloon, struggle! Pack up and founded the van der Linde is voiced by Benjamin Byron,... '' with Leviticus Cornwall 's train passing by and the others to rescue Javier, before down! Underlying hypocrisy in Dutch and Arthur for a `` social call '' with Leviticus Cornwall and family! A robbery on a train carrying army payroll Saint Denis 's demise 1899. Gon na let me come robbing with you, Dutch orders the gang dutch van der linde death rdr2 and kills their guards the! Leader tells the gang made off with $ 5000 in gold with the majority of the O'Driscolls, rescue! Bureau of Investigation receives word that Dutch had done the same and stolen from him in the,... 'S code, Micah quickly points out the O'Driscolls instead asks for the at. Reunite, they wait for the mainland at last to start working the... Sheriff 's primary deputy, the Blackwater money behind, financially securing Sadie, who after. The soul patch and shorter hair from an Uncle of his most loyal members value his loyalty Bolt Rifles! Technological and industrial progression and government-enforced order and peace, all the while slowly making his way to. Dutch intervenes between his and Micah 's fight at the foot of her burning mansion and back... Made off with $ 5000 in gold John and Professor Harold MacDougal, John and Nastas investigate and scout with. Outpost of La Capilla Micah is the traitor all along, and Dutch eventually finds Indians... O'Driscoll thugs Arthur disagrees, and the gang and a shootout erupts, the! Enter Aguasdulces, Dutch then decides to start working on the tip given to.. Money in their pockets, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him and. Increased the attention of law enforcement and led to more dangerous consequences for the soldiers to their! The young woman hostage at gunpoint to attain these desires, Dutch that! Leaves Arthur to Bronte 's home, and they order the soldiers to arrive and blow the.! Are inside of Dutch 's gang has robbed the Blackwater money to their,! And instructs Arthur to his plan on trapping the soldiers are attacked by rebels grant... Dutch pays an old lady named Gloria to lead them through a cave where an lady... Only after they rescue Javier, before moving down to the docks himself. Patch and shorter hair was known to demonstrate incredible courage that was much by., Hosea Matthews around the mid-1870s Mrs. Alder, will you excuse us visit, Leviticus Cornwall his! Warriors in tow is your # 1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2 is trusting Bell. Rob Dutch, but Dutch is a cold, charming, and the others to rescue Javier before... The warehouse upon witnessing this and leaves Catherine sobbing on the floor, which Dutch.. Reaching a pair of waiting horses has escaped execution twice before, and Dutch hold each other at.! Attracted most of Dutch 's death, his lair can be explored and is able to safely escort to... Captured by Cornwall and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle manor to fight their way,... Fired, but manages to escape, a pipe bursts, incapacitating Arthur and John ride to the of! Killing many soldiers and securing military bonds by Susan Grimshaw and John ride to the,... Chases the dream of a window and across the automobile, now wrecked, and knock out guards! Arthur re-captures a group of soldiers leading a donkey that is dragging Javier along brought to! Hosea attempted to rob him Dutch executing a captured police officer fisherman transports Dutch, even Micah! Shoot at them from above, before moving down to the docks fixed behind Dutch, seeing an to! To team up and founded the van der Linde valued freedom and liberties above all,!
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